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Join Greg and Lisa Mays and their cocktail-loving friends and producers for a 20-minute audio podcast with weekly liquor tastings, cocktail recipes, and more. Simple Cocktails is a friendly, conversational podcast and an audio companion to the blog.

Season 1 is 74 episodes of Lisa and Greg, Season 2 is 46 episodes of “Simple Cocktails with Friends,” and now Season 3 is focused on education!

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★★★★★  “Simple Cocktails has been really super helpful….they manage to do so without coming across as pretentious or snobby at all.”
★★★★★  “I would listen to Greg and Lisa read a phone book. It’s worth your time and attention.”
★★★★★ “It’s always a fun listen.”

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121- Moonlight EXpresso and Russian
120- Seersucker Gin and Bittersweet

119- “Whiskey right now is the place to be” (Jeff Arnett Interview)

118- San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2017

117- Afrohead Rums and (Aged) Daiquiri
116- Magnum Cream and Journalist
115- Happy New Year 2017!

114- Merry Christmas 2016!

113- Blade & Bow Bourbon and Disco Ball
112- Jordan Silbert (Q Drinks) Interview
111- Cooper’s Craft Bourbon and Gin & Tonic
110- Revel Stoke Flavored Whiskies and Thanksgiving-in-a-Glass
109- Drapò Dry and Bianco and Pineapple Bang
108- 100% Agave Comparison and Oh Cherry
107- Plantation Pineapple Rum and Holland Razorblade

106- Frisky Whiskey and Kamikaze

105- Jack Daniel’s 150th and Last Word
104- Gem and Bolt and Betty Rubble
103- Scotch Tastings: Bowmore 12 and 15, Auchentoshan American Oak and Three Wood
102- Scotch Tastings: Suntory Toki, Dalmore 18, Ardbeg Dark Cove
101- William Wolf Coffee Whiskey and Etrog-tini
100- Larry’s Martini and Silverado
99- Fred Minnick Interview

98- Jeffrey Morgenthaler Interview

Tales of the Cocktail 2016: 

97- Sukkah Hill Liqueurs and Southside
96- Sacred Bond Brandy and Spymaster

95- Jade 1901 and Rob Roy

94- Martini and Brandy & Root

93- New Mexico Cocktails and Culture

92- Bayou Rum and Blue Blood

91- Hudson Four Grain Bourbon and Akdov Telmig

90- Boodles Mulberry Gin and Deanne

89- Novo Fogo Single Barrel Cachaça and Palmetto

88- GLUTEN FREE: Grappa del Piemonte and Deep Dive
87- GLUTEN FREE: Bailoni and Hola Harvey
86- Green Chile Vodka and Leaving the Quarter
85- Ransom Old Tom Gin and Whiskey Sour
84- Tamworth Gins and Prado
83- Santera Tequila and Añejo Highball
82- Whiskey Girl and Caipirinha
81- Blueberry Cordial and Double Standard Sour
80- St. Patrick’s Day Dueling Grasshoppers!
79- Rock & Rye and Applejack Cocktail

78- Cigars, Underground and Mark Twain

77- Jacob’s Ghost and Our Stanley
76- Vodka 360 Flavors and Kingston
75 …with Friends! iichiko Shochu and Fox River


74- Cinco Vodka and San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2016
72- Trader Joe’s Tonic and Lawhill

71- Tullamore DEW and It’s Chila Outside

70- Maraska Maraschino and Green Dragon
69- Scotch Tasting with Joan Marie
68- Thanksgiving! Sweet Potato Vodka and 10th Ave Tea

Special Podcast – Interview with Larry Ahrens

67- Bully Boy Old Fashioned and Commodore
66- Spirit of America Bourbon and Hardly Wallbanger
65- Lepanto Brandy and First Snow
64- Saffron Vodka and Sun and Moon
63- Wild Turkey and Choco-Mint-Chata
62- Hennessey and Easy-Tinis
61- Skyy Vodka and Gin Old Fashioned
60- Clockwork Orange and J.R.’s Revenge
59- Four Roses, New Holland Bourbon and Hanky Panky

58- Bourbon Curious, Brugal Rum and Vermouth Spritzer

57- Amaro Lucano and Planters Punch
56- Jellybeans, Jäger, Tequila Old Fashioned
55- Tavi Tequila and Club

54- Manhattan Moonshine and Brunelle
53- Tales Tally and La Quintinye Vermouth Royal

Tales of the Cocktail 2015: 

52- Grey Goose and Sazerac
51- Don Amado Mezcal and Sidecar

50- Absolut Spark and Aunt Agatha

49- Hornitos Spiced Honey and Gimlet

48- SoCo Cherry and CocoMenta
47- SAGE and White Lion
46- Brancamenta and Red Lion

45- Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur and Tequonic
44- Rojo Piñon Rum and Señorita
43- Trader Joe’s Bourbon and Mojito

42- Iceberg Flavored Vodkas and Cuba Libre

41- James E. Pepper Rye and Martinez

40- Passion XO Sun and Whiskey to Go
39- Charles Tanqueray Birthday Celebration!

38- Cathead Flavored Vodkas and Fiery Cinged Apple

37- Teeling Irish Whiskey and Yellow Bird
36- Jose Cuervo Cinge and Jewel
35- Pisqo and Chinese Bees Knees

34- Old Port Rum and Pink Gin
33- Porter’s Fire and Lemon Drop
32- Peppered Gin and Snap Happy
31- Absinthe and a Gall Bracer
30- Wheeler’s Gin and Brandy Alexander
29- Scotch and Cactus Juice
28- W.L. Weller and Casino Cocktail
27- Happy New Year! Galliano and Champagne Cocktails
26- Hub Punch and Elephant Lips
25- Calvados Boulard VSOP and Berentzen Bushel and Barrel
24- Winter Jack Daniels and Honey Paddy
23- Thanksgiving: Sazerac Rye and Scotch, Soda, and Cranberry
22- Wild Turkey American Honey Sting and Moscow Mule
21- Five Wives Vodka and Margarita
20- Bols Yogurt and XYZ
19- Halloween: Pimms Cup and a Black Martini
18- Phraya Rum and Mountaineer Punch
17- Mahon Gin and Amaretto Sour
16- Horchata Liqueurs and Aperol Spritz
15- Sambuca and Captain’s Blood
14- Ciroc Flavors and Licor 43
13- SNAP and ROOT and a Rusty Nail
12- Chartreuse and a Liberty
11- Spodee White and Borodino
10- Moonshine and Piranha
9- Maple Whiskies and Daiquiri
8- Bols Genever and Tequila Sunrise
7- Amaros and a Negroni
6- Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire and Pisco Sour
5- Don Julio Tequila and White Russian
4- Chopin Vodkas and Old Fashioned
3- Zacapa 23 and Southside Fizz
2- American Harvest Vodka and a Manhattan
1- Sauza Sparkling Margaritas and a Vodka Sour


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