Podcast 52- Grey Goose and Sazerac

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A Tarantino kick and a nod to his cocktail selection. Beer pops? We taste Grey Goose. Lisa introduces “spiky” as a tasting word. “Did they invent the melon?” We taste Grey Goose Le Melon. Greg attempts to establish himself as “cool” ….and fails. “Is there voodoo involved?” Greg screamed like a young girl. “Where’s your dusty old books?” We make a Sazerac. “I’m so excited to have one in New Orleans.”

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 52- Grey Goose and Sazerac

  1. Jason Young

    Love the show guys, and was thrilled with the rock-block of two of my favorite cocktails, a sidecar and a sazerac. I just wanted to give a quick tip for a sazerac…you mentioned they were traditionally made with cognac which is correct, but I like the bite of rye, so I use Death & Co’s recipe which splits the base spirit into 1.5 oz rye and .5 oz cognac. It’s worth buying cognac just for these sazeracs. So delicious. You can also use brandy (which I know you have) but the cognac is a little nicer.


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