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The importance of customer service can never be under estimated. Customer service can be as important as the products you’re selling, investing in good customer services if usually one of the best sales tips a business owner can follow. So what if you’re not up for an on-site conversation or are not willing to personally take the time to resolve your concerns? You can still have a conversation with customers through online chat tools like Skyscanner and support tickets, which often contain more information and a way for the customer to connect with the team behind the product.

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Your Chat Service Can Help

Chat isn’t new, but it’s still growing at a rapid pace. Although it was previously reserved for more business-oriented communication, today’s chatbots allow users to chat with services from brands like PayPal, Amazon and Microsoft, to companies such as Spotify and Zappos, to universities and nonprofits.

However, one of the biggest reasons why chat bots are being used at such a rapid pace is because of their low cost. The average number of users that use a chatbot is about 140 a day, which means if you have 1,000 users that would equate to $20,000 a day in revenue. If that’s not enough revenue, there is also the fact that a bot is much more efficient than a human employee or contractor. Bots are typically more affordable, cheaper and faster to set up because they do not require the hiring of a human agent or contractor. Furthermore, many companies are now including chatbots as a part of their chat experience, rather than on the front end. For example, Slack’s Bot API allows companies to create bots with pre-defined phrases, chat with the bot by speaking to it and for companies that use Slack to integrate with their chatbots the Bot API makes it easier than ever to integrate chatbots into their experience.

Bots can be used to deliver your services, enhance user engagement and increase revenue from existing products.


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