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Powder Rum and Class V Vodka

syntax spirits rum and vodka

Syntax Spirits distills Class V Vodka and the newly-released Powder White Rum in Colorado. Proud of their heritage, they use 100% wheat and snow melt from their native state to distill their vodka.

Both the rum and vodka are functional in cocktails, though I don’t know if I’d recommend drinking them neat. At $25 each, the rum has a full-mouthed burn that gives your Daiquiris quite a punch. Their vodka is sharp, grainy, and almost chalky. It’s a pretty interesting tasting experience because it’s so full of flavor, which is unusual for vodka. I used Syntax Class V to make a lemon drop:

Lemon Drop

  • 1 1/2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass
  • lemon wheel garnish

Breckenridge Bourbon and Spiced Rum

Breckenridge Bourbon and Spiced Rum

I always like to seek out products that are distilled near me, and Breckenridge, Colorado is only about 350 miles north. I was anxious to taste the line of spirits that Breckenridge Distillery has coming off the line, and I got to try their award-winning bourbon and their spiced rum.

Their bourbon one of the spiciest I’ve tasted. Bourbon can run anywhere for sweet (like Don Quixote or Maker’s Mark) to really spicy (like Bulleit or Buffalo Trace), but Breckenridge is a bourbon that’s so spicy that you could initially mistake it for a rye whiskey. Is it a good bourbon? For a guy who likes both bourbons and ryes, you bet it is.

Breckenridge also makes a spiced rum, with a pirate-map label and a jolly roger wax seal. I can’t understate the quality and flavor of this rum. I don’t drink a lot of rum because I often find it too sugary, but Breckenridge rum is rich, warming, and spicy, and it finishes with just a trace of subtle sweetness. Whiskey drinkers should definitely get a bottle for their liquor cabinet, because it’s a pleasure to drink straight. Breckenridge spiced rum is great after dinner, and it’s a great complement to a cigar, too.

If you see Breckenridge bourbon or spiced rum in the stores, buy them. Breckenridge’s 750ml bottle of bourbon retails for $40, the 375ml bottle of rum for $25, and you can find them both with the distillery’s “Hooch Locating Tool” here.