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Club Cocktail

club cocktail

I suppose that a couple of centuries ago, cocktail names were pretty easy to get confused. In a world where you couldn’t use the internet to look up ingredients, many recipes¬†traveled by word of mouth, and I imagine that some morphed into different recipes entirely. Take, for instance, the Martinez cocktail, which some¬†believe developed into the Martini (trust me, they’re very different drinks). And in this case, the Club Cocktail, which is almost nothing like the more popular Clover Club.

The Club is very much like the Obituary¬†Cocktail: a gin martini with the addition of an herbal flavor modifier. In the case of the Obituary, it’s Absinthe, and here, it’s Yellow Chartreuse. Let me know how you like¬†the Club Cocktail:

Club Cocktail

  • in a¬†stirring glass¬†add:
  • 2 oz gin
  • 1 oz white (dry) vermouth
  • a dash of Yellow Chartreuse
  • stir with lots of ice until very cold
  • strain¬†into a chilled cocktail glass