Simple Cocktails Podcast Episode 6

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Cocktail and food pairing, or as Lisa says, “nibbles.” Sneering in the face of cool, Greg admits to liking a brand-new flavored whiskey (listen in to see which one). Benefits of being friends with a chicken. What is 1/4 of a lime? Even though salmonella freaks people out, Lisa braves some egg whites while she makes a Pisco Sour.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Cocktails Podcast Episode 6

  1. Alycia

    In case you guys have not had a chance to try Fireball yet… let me assure you that Jack Fire is 100% better than Fireball (Fireball is basically a truck load of Red Hot candies dissolved in a bottle of vodka- totally sugary sweet.) Try tossing a shot of it in your apple cider!

    1. Greg Post author

      That’s a relief and we figured as much, Alycia. Still haven’t bothered with Fireball (and kinda proud of that). 🙂


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