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This is Walk the Line: a series where I explore the entire product lines of the most popular liquor brands together with a panel of friends and tasters. Click here to view the entire Walk the Line series.

Jim Beam. The flagship bourbon and one of the top-sellers in the world, aged 4 years. The fire from the toasted barrels comes out in Beam White and it has a “hot” finish as a result, the tasters said it felt higher proof than it actually is. Ms. Ubon told me her favorite southern cocktail is to mix Beam with Coke, which they fondly call Brown Wine. Jim Beam is $15 per bottle.

Jim Beam Black. Using the same recipe as the white label bourbon, Black is aged 8 years and bottled at a higher proof. An affordable bourbon with a long age, Black is smoother and cooler than Beam white, and it marks an affordable ($20) upgrade from the flagship bourbon.

Red Stag. A black cherry flavored bourbon, and while it’s not marketed as a liqueur, Red Stag is quite sweet, with almost a snow-cone quality to the flavor. It seems that it’s meant to be mixed into an Adult Cherry Coke. Red Stag is a very popular line for Beam and very affordable at $15 per bottle.

Devil’s Cut. A newer member of the Beam clan, Devil’s Cut is Jim Beam bourbon that includes whiskey that’s steam-extracted from the barrel wood. Whiskey that evaporates from the barrel is traditionally called the Angel’s Share, so what’s left inside is the Devil’s Cut, right? This Beam variation is certainly woody and spicier on the tongue. For our tasting panel, was a favorite of the Beam line. Devil’s Cut is $25.

Jacob’s Ghost. The newest Beam-family whiskey, just hitting stores now. It’s named for Jim’s great grandfather Jacob Beam (the first Beam to sell whiskey). This is a unique white whiskey because it’s actually aged for a year and the color is filtered back out of the liquor, leaving a ghostly pale colored whiskey. It is certainly more mellow than other unaged whiskeys I’ve tasted, which often have the pungent quality of tequila. Tasters thought this one was almost like sake with a fruity finish. Ghost retails for $23.

2 thoughts on “Walk the Line: Jim Beam

  1. A Bland

    I can understand skipping the mostly redundant 7 year (white label, red cap), but why did you skip the Green label?

    This a great idea for a series.

    1. greg Post author

      Good question! I guess I just wanted to cover most of Jim Beam’s product line, with a wide variety. Looks like I should already start planning “Walk the Line: Beam Part 2” with Red Cap, Green Label, Rye, Spiced Red Stag, and Honey Tea Red Stag, huh? 🙂

      I appreciate the complement on the series. I’ve loved doing it.


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