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Swift Single Malt Texas Whiskey

swift single malt texas whiskey

Swift Distillery in Dripping Springs, Texas started with a very noble (and maybe a little expensive) undertaking: to distill scotch-quality single malt whiskey.

Here’s the thing: then a distillery starts, it makes the most financial sense to distill stuff that you can sell right away, like vodka or gin, while your whiskey ages. Swift has not done that, though, choosing laser-focus on the whiskey alone. Founders Amanda and Nick Swift traveled to Scotland, Ireland, Japan and Kentucky for research, then came home to Texas to work on their single malt.

Swift Single Malt is on its way, too: a floral, mild, orange-forward flavor profile that’s balanced and very drinkable. In fact, the only thing you’ll likely struggle with is getting a bottle as it’s only available in the Austin, TX area now.

For a passion-induced, quality American single malt, Swift is a great addition to your whiskey collection.


brenne bottle and glasses

Brenne is a single malt whisky distilled in France, aged for 7 years, and finished in Cognac barrels. Launched in October 2012 in New York City, Brenne is available at several locations, in New York and online, for about $50.

Because this is a high quality single malt whisky, the only fitting way to drink it is neat – straight from the glass, no ice, at room temperature. Brenne smells of cognac and dried fruit as you raise the glass, and the whisky flavor comes in as you sip it.  Brenne has a quality scotch-like taste with traces of apricot and spice. It’s got a great flavor and I’m interested to see how its unique qualities make an impact on the whisky market.