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National Bourbon Heritage Month

bourbon curiousOf all the “National _______________ Days” that seem to come daily on our social feeds, this one is unique because¬†it wasn’t created in a marketing department or PR office, but by¬†congress. That’s right, the U.S. Senate declared September¬†National Bourbon Heritage Month back in 2007, a “month to celebrate America’s Native Spirit,” the¬†official title¬†also given by congress back in the 60’s.

Clearly, the best way to¬†celebrate¬†bourbon is by¬†drinking¬†bourbon, but first, it’d be wise to learn all we can¬†about it so that we can find bourbons we like. I’ve been talking about it a little bit on the podcast, but the new book by Fred Minnick,¬†Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker¬†is deeply¬†interesting and unmistakably helpful.

Covering many details of bourbon making and history (did you know Tabasco sauce is aged in bourbon barrels?), Minnick leads us into the final 1/3 of his¬†book: a highly-valuable tasting guide. Categorizing bourbon flavor profiles into 4 groups, grain-forward, nutmeg-forward, caramel-forward and cinnamon-forward, I realized quickly that the bourbons I’ve loved the most were in the cinnamon category.

four roses bourbon

…..then I realized that Simple Cocktails had previously missed¬†an entire brand¬†of cinnamon-forward bourbons. I’m not exactly sure why, but I has thought Four Roses was an¬†expensive, exclusive bourbon,¬†so I figured it’d be hard to cover here, but after reading Bourbon Curious, I noted that Four Roses¬†is one of the oldest, most respectable bourbon brands in the flavor category I love the most, and I had to grab some immediately. Continue reading