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Don Julio Tequila

don julio tequilas

Don Julio proudly proclaims itself the “original premium tequila.” Sold in unique but similar bottle shapes each with a wooden stopper, the standard line on Don Julios will run you between $45-60, depending on the age. The Blanco is fruity and beachy. The Reposado (which they claim is the¬†bestselling¬†tequila¬†in Mexico) is mellower, a touch spicy, and very smooth. The A√Īejo is a little more bold from the extended time in the barrel. You could use the Blanco in a cocktail, but all of these are very tasty and smooth drunk straight.

These are excellent tequilas without a doubt – surely the best tequilas I’ve yet tasted. There’s a world of difference between these and a bargain-basement $20 tequila, even one that’s 100% agave.

don julio high end tequilas

Don Julio also has a premium line of tequilas – as if their standard line isn’t premium enough. 70 is an¬†a√Īejo tequila that’s clear and has characteristics of a blanco. It’s crisp and herbal, a bit less like a tequila and more like a premium vodka in some ways. 70 will run you $68 a bottle.¬†1942¬†is an older tequila, with a lot of tropical and whiskey-like characteristics. It smells like vanilla and coconut and is ultimately the spiciest of the bunch. 1942 is $125. Lastly, Don Julio¬†Real is a knockout. It’s smooth and quite savory (is that cheese and nuts I smell?). Real is drinkable, wonderfully flavorful, full, and complex. You may have heard: Real is $360 a bottle. The question to ask is are these worth their costs?¬†If I was in the market for a $360 tequila, I’d totally buy this one. I also liked the¬†70 a lot, too. While 1942 is good, but I didn’t find it to be quite as amazing as the others in this range.