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Dashfire Canned Cocktails

dashfire canned cocktails

Dashfire has been making cocktail bitters for several years, and has entered the ready-to-drink cocktail space now with several canned drinks that you simply chill and pour, 

Now, we’re talking about simple cocktails that are about as simple as it gets. There’s no chance of user error here, and nothing to be intimidated by. Now, the philosophical side of this: the communal aspect of making cocktails together can’t be overstated, and there is a lot of freedom to adjust recipes according to your tastes when you make your own cocktails….but I think there’s a time and place for such a convenient package. Having cocktails packaged for on-the-go, like tailgating or camping, is a perfect opportunity for Dashfire’s canned cocktails.

How do they taste? The recipes are unique and definitely should be tried. The White Russian, for instance, is a Chai White Russian. The Martini is Lemon and Lavender (and uses vodka as its base). I noted the drinks that usually use vermouth (Martini, Manhattan) use Sherry instead. I drank most of mine on ice, but straight-from the can is likely what you’d be doing on a camping trip.

At retail, Dashfire cocktails are $4.99 per can (100 ml) and are available in mixed 6-packs as well.