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Amrut Whisky

Amrut Whisky

According to the extremely complex rules of the English language, there are 2 spellings of “whiskey.” There’s whisky and whiskey. Generally the differentiation is how much the stuff resembles Scotch, which is the e-less whisky. American and Irish whiskies, like Jack Daniel’s or Jameson, use the extra e.

Amrut is in the tradition of Scotch, but it is distilled in India. Amrut Whisky is distilled from “Indian barley grown at the foot of the Himalayas.” As a quick reminder, usually for whisk(e)ys, barley = scotch, corn = american whiskey, and rye or other grains may be used, too.

“Regular” Amrut Single Malt was something brand new to me. I was met with a buttery and rich flavor combination that I would describe as “filling.” It finished in a very earthy, Indian fashion. It’s a much more complex flavor combination than I’m used to. It’s 46% ABV, and like anything over 40%, I found that adding water helped the flavor to settle and kept it from hitting me too intensely. Amrut Single Malt will run you about $55 a bottle.

Amrut Fusion Whisky

Amrut Single Malt Fusion is a different animal as it is even more complex in flavor. The distillery combines the Indian Himalayan barley with Scottish barley (that’s the “fusion”). It’s 50% ABV, and I ended up adding both water and ice in order to properly taste all the flavors it offered. Smoke is a prominent flavor that came forward in Fusion that I had not noticed in the standard Amrut. There is much more peat/mossy flavor in this rich whisky as well.

My concusion about barley-based single malts from this tasting, then, is they have a very complex flavor set that has to be savored slowly – it may be the most full and rich liquid I’ve ever encountered in a glass. This is an amazing whisky for sure and if you’re seeking a smokier, peatier whisky, this is certainly the one to try. Amurut Fusion retails for $75. As with any bottle of liquor of this quality, this is one to drink straight. Few, if any, simple cocktails will do these justice.