Podcast 93- New Mexico Cocktails and Culture

new mexico cocktails and culture

We visit New Mexico Cocktails and Culture and talk to some big names in mixology…and big names in New Mexico! Interviews include Tony Abou Ganim, Anthony from Bulldog Gin, Bobby G, and Chris Milligan. Thanks to Natalie Bovis for her hard work on this event!

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Kuhn Rikon Paring Knives

kuhn rikon paring knives

I’m made mention in the past my love for Kuhn Rikon paring knives in my home bar. We have several of these in the kitchen and use them all day for everything, from butter, to everyday chopping, to cocktail citrus prep. For about $10 per knife, we use these until we wear them out and feel like they’re a great value for their quality and functionality. See photo #3 below for a true representation of my Colori addiction.

These knives are not only extremely sharp, they are also coated with a nonstick coating (which makes them extra-useful for cutting butter and softer cheeses), and they each come with a plastic sleeve for storage.

kuhn rikon paring knives

Kuhn Rikon has now released a brand-new version of their popular Colori series of knives, the Colori+ and I reached out to the company to try some. The differences between Colori and Colori+ are shown above, with the original knives on the left and the newer model on the right. The new Coloris have:

  • a slightly different blade shape
  • an improved handle with an upgraded shape, textured material and a stamped “+” logo
  • a thinner, less rigid blade sleeve (see the photo below to compare)
  • darker knife colors, at least for now, which seem to be less pastel overall

kuhn rikon paring knives

The Colori line is widely available at many retailers nationally, including Amazon. Because the Colori+ knives are relatively new, I’ve only seen them sold on Kuhn Rikon’s website so far. At the same retail price of the previous iteration ($10 a knife), I prefer the improved + line, primarily because of the improved handle, which feels much better in my hand.


Podcast 92- Bayou Rum and Blue Blood

bayou rum

Greg’s book is coming! Larry & Susie get the first copy. Kevin is back and Nickelette is still pregnant. We taste Bayou Rum. We mention San Antonio Cocktail Conference. Susie sells the book: “honey, we need more vodka!” We make a custom cocktail with Art in the Age Black Trumpet Blueberry Cordial: the Blueblood.

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Basil Hayden’s Bourbon

basil haydens

I must confess that Basil Hayden’s has had me a bit dumbfounded since I first broke the seal on this bottle. This is my first time sipping Hayden’s, and so I drank it the way I like to drink lots of my bourbons: with a lot of ice.

I was disappointed. I found it to be watery and extremely mild on my initial tasting of it. Instead of writing off Hayden’s as a bourbon that I don’t like, I began to research it to see how I might be approaching this bourbon wrong.

I had the incredible chance to attend New Mexico Cocktails and Culture this past weekend, and one of the speakers was Beam’s Master Mixologist Bobby G. Basil Hayden’s is a Beam product, so I asked him about it. Bobby told me two things that were helpful: First, Basil Hayden’s is a very mild bourbon, so it should be sipped neat and not on the rocks. Second, it’s the Beam bourbon that has tested to be the most popular with women.

From there, I consulted my favorite bourbon book: Bourbon Curious by Fred Minnick. There is a summary of Basil Hayden’s overall: founded in 1992, owner by Beam Suntory, and named after a famous Kentuckian. But then, a little earlier in the book, under Tricks to Getting Used to Bourbon, I read: “My favorite starter bourbon is Basil Hayden’s, because it’s 80 proof and carries some nuances.”

There you go. Basil Hayden’s is a mild, approachable starter bourbon with notes of citrus (especially orange) and mild tea with basically no spice. Enjoying it neat or in a 3:1 Manhattan is a great way to ease someone into the world of bourbon.

Guide to Cocktail Podcasts

cocktail podcast header

Simple Cocktails with Friends is one of several cocktail podcasts available on the web. Because there’s no solid resource for finding cocktail-focused podcasts like ours, I created the following list as a guide for those who are looking for more.

Here are all the cocktail podcasts I know of, many of which I subscribe to. If you’re aware of any others that aren’t listed, or if you host a cocktail podcast, please leave a comment below and I’ll keep this list updated on a regular basis.
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Podcast 91- ​Hudson Four Grain Bourbon and Akdov Telmig

akdov telmig

“Really good social media friends” Kevin & Nickelette join the party! Good friends with good friends. A guest curveball. We taste Hudson Four Grain Bourbon. About wax seals and liquor brands. Greg mentions Journeyman Distillery. Food pairing with this bourbon? We make Ed Wood’s favorite drink, an Akdov Telmig. “Let the pregnant lady shake.” We reference Plan 9 From Outer Space. “Simple Cocktails is a miracle worker.”

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Modern Harvey

modern harvey cocktail - harvey wallbanger for president

Galliano has launched a new campaign to compete tongue-in-cheek with this national election stuff that we seem to be in the midst of. At the Vote 4 Wallbanger site, Harvey promises to “Make America Chill Again,” and we can certainly all get behind that. Here’s a modern twist on the classic Harvey Wallbanger cocktail:

Modern Harvey (pictured)

  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz Galliano
  • 3 oz fresh orange juice
  • 1/2  oz lemon juice
  • Shake & strain into a old fashioned glass filled with ice
  • Top with 2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

harvey wallbanger for president

 Special thanks to our sponsor Galliano L’Autentico

Podcast 90-​​​ Boodles Mulberry Gin and Deanne

podcast blog header 2016

Jeff’s babysitting payment. Small bottles. Lisa writing on the walls. We taste Boodles Mulberry Gin. Out light-up Absolut bottle. Jeff thinks he’s Thor? Sarah’s come a long way from Camelback Screwdrivers. We drink a Deanne cocktail. Greg’s lemon. “You talk wrong.”

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Podcast 89- ​​Novo Fogo Single Barrel Cachaça and Palmetto

jeff and sarah simple cocktails podcast

It’s Jeff and Sarah! ⬆

Jeff is the source of Greg’s cocktail stories. “Make me something interesting.” Drive through Daiquiris. We taste Novo Fogo Single Barrel Cachaça. We talk Louisiana and break out the Bayou Rum. Greg mentioned his Rio Grande Cocktail. We brag on New Mexico IPAs…shout outs to La Cumbre and Bosque Brewing. We make a Palmetto Cocktail. Edible flowers?

Download Episode 89.

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