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Christmas Gifts For Guys

christmas gifts for guys

I’ve made it a habit to assemble¬†Christmas gift ideas every year to¬†make you aware of some nice¬†cocktail-related products that are out there. Last year, I included other items into one big gifts for guys segment.¬†The gifts you see in the list below get progressively more expensive as you scroll down, or you can pick some¬†of each for your favorite man (or yourself). Here are my¬†ideas¬†for 2014.

stanley camping flasks

Stanley cocktail flasks.

With some of the best made thermoses and camping gear¬†you can buy anywhere, Stanley¬†has a pretty awesome collection of cocktail-on-the-go accessories, including flasks from 5-12 oz and a cool set of travel shot glasses. Each of these will run you right around $20 from your favorite¬†sporting goods store or from Stanley direct.¬†Make sure you check¬†Drink Spirits’ list of best spirits to sneak in a flask¬†if you need some sneaky ideas.

beardbrand explorers kit

Beard stuff.

Now that No Shave November is over, some guys have put¬†their face blankets away until next year. I usually grow my soup-saver from November through the holidays, though, so I’m needing to wrangle my facial hair now. BeardBrand¬†has a whole line of beard oils, mustache waxes, and beard combs/brushes.¬†Oils range from $15-30, or you can spring for a whole assortment¬†of products¬†the Explorers Kit¬†($115), which is pictured above.

mancrate zombie suppression


When I showed off my new ManCrate to a¬†friend, he said “I love opening crates!”

Me too, bro.

ManCrates has a whole line of dude-specific products that come ready-to-open¬†with a crowbar. With crate categories like meat, sports, and zombies, just pick the interest your man has and buy a crate. I chose the $140¬†Zombie Suppression Crate, which includes weapons, a flashlight, a first aid kit, Gorilla tape, Spam, and Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide. Crates range from $25 to $200-plus.

View my unboxing video here.

cogito classic smartwatch

A smart watch.

Smart watches are a relatively new thing, both in their style¬†and usefulness. I’ve become really fond of the Cogito Classic smart watch, which connects with¬†bluetooth to your¬†iOS or Android phone. It’s available in several colors, and they’re distinguished from¬†other smart watches I’ve seen¬†because¬†Cogito had made¬†a¬†sexy high-end¬†analog watch….which includes a few bluetooth notification features. It’s style first, then function, and that’s an important distinction for some people. There’s a free¬†app to manage your notifications and software updates, and battery life is stellar, too: my¬†Cogito runs over a month¬†on a¬†standard watch battery. You can buy the Cogito Classic¬†from Amazon¬†for $180.