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Building and Stocking a Bar at Home

We’re thrilled to have been featured in Porch.com’s recent feature: “Building and Stocking a Bar at Home: 101 With the Experts.” They asked our editor Greg Mays “What is the best recipe you can give us to make a Martini at home, and which are your favorite variations?”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Welcome to what is potentially the most explosive topic in the world of cocktails: the Martini. Folks are very particular about their Martini preferences. Vodka or gin? Dirty or “clean”? Wet or dry?

There are some universal tenants to a great Martini, and the #1 ingredient is COLD. Make sure your glassware is in the freezer for 10+ minutes beforehand, and make sure you have a lot of clean ice. Because the drink is so polarizing, I’m going to give you my favorite 2 recipes.”

Read the whole story here: Building and Stocking a Bar at Home: 101 With the Experts.