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Twenty Boat Spiced Rum

twenty boat spiced rum

We recently had a little fun on the podcast at the expense of Twenty Boat Spiced Rum. A rum from Cape Cod? If you heard the episode, however, you noted how quickly the jokes ended when we tasted Twenty Boat.

Distilled by South Hollow Spirits in Massachusetts, who distills both Twenty Boat Spiced¬†and¬†Twenty Boat Amber Rum, this is a spiced rum to try if you see it (it’ll run you about $45 a bottle).¬†With spices like vanilla, cinnamon and chai in the mix, Twenty Boat ends up lead by¬†a strong butterscotch note most of all.

I¬†love to use spiced rums in my rum-and-cokes (made in a 1:3 ratio) because the spices in the rum usually closely pair and complement the flavor or Coke, and Twenty Boat fits the bill.¬†I’ve found that if a spiced rum isn’t strong enough and¬†spiced enough (duh), that it tastes too watery and bland. Twenty Boat doesn’t suffer from wither of these¬†and¬†it comes in at a impressive 95 proof. Because of the¬†high proof, Twenty Boat is a decent sipping rum too, and a good pairing on the rocks with a cigar.