William Wolf Flavored Whiskies

william wolf coffee whiskey

Over the course of the past several weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to try a couple of varieties of William Wolf whiskies on the podcast. Available in about half the states in the U.S., William Wolf’s line is distilled in Holland and imported.

William Wolf Coffee has an amazing coffee scent, rich and creamy tasting with a bold coffee finish. This is a great alternative to the bigger-name coffee liqueurs like Kahlua or Tia Maria. It’s not too sweet, it’s high alcohol (35%) and it has a great coffee flavor.

Don’t forget with is a whiskey, though. As I’ve pointed out on the podcast, this drink tastes nothing like whiskey. Not a trace. We have enjoyed it on the rocks with cigars and, as I said, in place of Kahlua and it’s a good value at $25.

william wolf frisky whiskey

Now this week’s podcast episode revealed a bit of a mystery that lay in our bottle of Frisky Whiskey, namely what is it? Frisky arrives in a purple crushed velvet bag and sports a pink-ish label with a guitar-playing Mr. Wolf. It does not tell you much about the whiskey itself though, so I went to Wolf’s website to research it more:

“William Wolf Frisky Whiskey has an enticingly caramel nose, smooth taste, and a lingering vanilla finish.”

That didn’t help either, particularly with one big question I had: is this a flavored whiskey? Well, after one taste, it very much is. Just like their coffee whiskey (can we just call these liqueurs now?), Frisky is flavored and sweetened, too. This is not a typical caramel nose and vanilla finish, that you experience with other whiskies, it’s actually caramel and vanilla flavored! This is a creamy, vanilla liqueur posing as a whiskey, and I wished there was more clarity on the label about that. As we experienced with their coffee “whiskey,” Frisky really doesn’t taste like whiskey at all, in fact, it tastes even less like whiskey than the coffee variety.

Frisky has it’s place in a cocktail bar as a vanilla liqueur, and it does a noble job in that role. At $25 a bottle, either of these liqueurs are a good buy.

Just don’t tell us this is “whiskey.”

2 thoughts on “William Wolf Flavored Whiskies

  1. Andy

    Hi Greg!

    Looks like there is no way to comment on podcast entries here on the site.. is this on purpose? Can’t see any “reply” button on your newest post… so I react here 😉

    Just wanted to add an interesting fact on genever. Young or old doesn’t have to do anything with age. “old” just means old style and has more maltwine in it. Whereas young indeed is much more like a gin. Don’t know exactly why you reference to vodka.. because genever is a juniper spirit.

    P.S.: The Pineapple Plantation Rum won the “new spirits” award in 2016… https://talesofthecocktail.com/news/tales-cocktail-announces-spirited-awards-winners

    1. Greg Post author

      Hi Andy! I just fixed the commenting on the podcast pages – thanks for pointing it out!

      I feel like Boomsma Jonge is nearly flavorless, more like vodka than a London Dry. I know juniper’s in it, but there’s barely a trace.

      Anyway, thanks for the helpful info on genever and Plantation Pineapple!


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