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Simple Cocktails with Friends is one of several cocktail podcasts available on the web. Because there’s no solid resource for finding cocktail-focused podcasts like ours, I created the following list as a guide for those who are looking for more.

Here are all the cocktail podcasts I know of, many of which I subscribe to. If you’re aware of any others that aren’t listed, or if you host a cocktail podcast, please leave a comment below and I’ll keep this list updated on a regular basis.


Husband and wife team Chris and Julia Tunstall host Mixology Talk, based out of the Bay Area. Each episode has a specific theme, which often tap Chris’ experience as a bartender. Good general-information podcast from friendly hosts with some fancy bartender techniques here and there.

Running time: 15-20 minutes // Website // iTunes link

bartender journey

Hosted by Brian Weber, Bartender Journey chronicles Brian’s personal journey to becoming a better bartender. His show started as “friends talking cocktails” from where they’re based in New York and is now a source of industry interviews, news, and commentary from Brian. He now hosts the official Tales of the Cocktail Podcast as well.

Running time: usually 30-40 minutes // Website // iTunes link

cocktail enthusiast

Nico Martini and Kevin Gray host. They’re Texas-based, and Nico is very involved in the San Antonio Cocktail Conference every year. Their podcast includes industry news and commentary, and often interviews with someone in the cocktail or spirits business.

Running time: 10-20 minutes // Website // iTunes link

speaking easy podcast

Hosted by cocktail enthusiasts Alex Luboff and Jordan Wicker, Speaking Easy is a relatively new show that reminds me of the early episodes of Bartender Journey: it’s just a couple of guys talking about why they love cocktails. Episodes have a theme and Alex and Jordan have begun incorporating industry interviews into the show.

Running time: about 30 minutes // Website // iTunes link

how to be a better drinker

Matt James and Megan Ternes host H.T.B.A.B.D. out of Seattle. Matt, the bartender, and Megan, the enthusiast, do a well-produced show that’s full of bartender knowledge. Each episode has a theme or a specific spirit that the hosts focus on. Matt and Megan are good talkers and very knowledgeable.

Running time: 30-45 minutes // Website // iTunes link

lets drink about it

Hosted by Chris Bowman and Benjamin Ahr Harrison, L.D.A.I. is more of a “friends sitting down chit chatting” podcast than a cocktail-focused show, though each and every episode has a custom-made cocktail and they detail (and photograph!) the recipe and why it pairs with that week’s small talk.

Running time: 1 hour // Website // iTunes link


Honorable mention: WhiskyCast is not a cocktail podcast, but it’s the most in-depth and knowledgeable whisk(e)y talk that you can ever hope to find. Hosted by Mark Gillespie, WhiskyCast dates back nearly to the invention of the term podcasting, and they’re nearly up to their 600th weekly episode. WhiskyCast reports distillery news and features interviews with big names in the whisk(e)y industry. His shows are very in-depth and focused (of course) on whisk(e)y, especially scotch. 

Running time: averages 45 minutes // Website // iTunes link

dipsomania podcast

Dipsomania! themes each episode after one specific cocktail with discussion surrounding it. Hosted by Jake Sutton and Lance Arthur from Colorado and San Francisco, Dipsomania! (a word meaning alcoholic/craving alcohol), the hosts bring a great deal of experience and research to their co-drinking podcasted sessions.

Running time: 1 hour // Tumblr // iTunes link

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Of course, I have to make sure I sneak in the links for our podcast as well, just in case you ended up here from a Google search and don’t know much about us. Me (Greg) and my wife Lisa host with our 2 producers and we added 2 additional guests starting with episode 75. We do a liquor tasting and make a cocktail every week.

Running time: 20 minutes // Website // iTunes link

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