Happy Rye-day!

sazerac and e.h. taylor rye

In winter, there are usually lots more opportunities to drink whiskies of all sorts, as our gins and vodkas take a break until the warm weather returns. I’m not shy about the fact that I love rye whiskey, so I dug up a few brands that I haven’t tried yet and gave them a sip.

Sazerac Rye. Named for the official cocktail of New Orleans (or is it the other way around?), Sazerac is a spicy, quality offering that Lisa and I tasted on a recent podcast. A sexy and slender bottle that would look great as a Christmas gift, this version embodies the spice and bite that you’ve come to expect from a rye. This is a good choice rye for the cocktail that bears it’s name, and is a quality sipper for the price, too. $30.

Col. E. H. Taylor Rye. A more premium product, Col. Taylor’s Rye is very different than Sazerac. It has the scent of homemade candy and has a more complex profile than just your standard rye spice. Taylor starts sweet and drys out into a woody richness as it coats your mouth. I made an outstanding Manhattan [recipe] with this whiskey, but this one is for the person who just prefers to savor a quality rye slowly…it’s awesome. $70

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  1. NoshOn.It (@NoshOnIt)

    I’m such a big rye fan! I usually have Rittenhouse 100 Proof around as my everyday cocktail rye but recently found a bottle of Sazerac (luckily – it’s hard to find around here). Never seen the Col. Taylor before but need to get my hands on some! ~Vijay


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