Passion XO: Sun

passion xo sun

Passion XO is a line of cognac-based liqueurs in a rainbow of primary colors. At about $20 a bottle, previous versions Of Passion XO include Pink and Blue, and the newest version is Passion XO Sun. Sun’s primary ingredient (other than cognac) is passion fruit juice, and it clocks in at an alcohol level between wine (usually about 12%) and liqueurs (usually about 20%).

It would not be wise to dismiss this type of hard-liquor-and-fruit juice mixtures, as they’re one of the largest-selling and most popular bottles on the shelf. Kinky, a competitor to Passion XO, is to date the most popular blog that I’ve ever posted at Simple Cocktails (I know, it surprises me too).

That being said, Passion XO is really a cocktail in a bottle. You can put your bottle of Sun in the fridge and pour it in a glass to serve. Sun tastes pretty good too, a bit like a Bellini or Mimosa, a premade brunch cocktail. While cognac is the base, Sun tastes mostly like a mixture of fruit and wine (which makes sense because cognac’s distilled from grapes), and it’s a bit cloudy like orange juice.

Depending on your cocktail preference, you may want to add some harder liquor to Sun, like cognac or vodka, to tame the sweetness a bit. I personally prefer it chilled on the rocks before dinner, or with absinthe in this simple cocktail:

Sun and Moon (by Greg Mays)

  • in an old fashioned glass filled with ice, add:
  • 3/4 oz absinthe
  • 2 oz Passion XO Sun
  • stir and garnish with a lime slice

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