1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon

1792 ridgemont reserve bourbon

1792 Ridgemont Reserve is a premium bourbon in a wide and stout bottle, the neck wrapped in burlap, and a large carved stopper.

1792 is really meant for sipping but it’s a good cocktail bourbon as well. It’s just over 46% ABV, and I usually take my bourbons on the rocks when I drink them straight. There’s a bit of sweetness present in this bourbon and it brings a great deal of balance to the flavor of 1792. It’s not the sweetest bourdon on the market, nor the spiciest. It’s very smooth, and has the complexity and quality you’d expect from a premium bourbon.

Overall, Ridgemont Reserve is a great middle-of-the road bourbon as it’s flavors are well balanced, and it is certainly as smooth as you’d expect a premium bourbon to be.

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