Home Bartender Christmas Gifts 2012

Home Bartender Christmas Gifts

December is here! It’s time to get your home bartender some gifts for a very Merry Christmas, so here are some gift ideas for the simple cocktail maker in your life:

Whiskey Disks. Large (1 3/4″ wide x 3/4″ high) freezable soapstones in a canvas freezer bag. Set of 4.

  • How much: $30.
  • Where: Amazon.
  • Buy for: the whiskey connoisseur who likes their drink neat, cool, and not watered down.
  • Buy because: these guys are actually stonemasons and they make a great product. The disks are large, smooth, uniform, and dishwasher safe.

The NEAT Glass. “Naturally engineered aroma technology” allows you to taste the full flavor of a liquor without the alcohol vapors in your nose.

  • How much:¬†start at $19.
  • Where:¬†Amazon.
  • Buy for:¬†the booze aficionado with a great palate who likes to taste the subtleties of their alcohol.
  • Buy because:¬†it’s a unique product with a lot of smart science behind it.

Bar10der. A 10-in-1 folding and portable bar tool for cocktails, beer, and wine. Like a Swiss Army knife with a strainer, stirrer, jigger, muddler, reamer, knife, channel knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, and zester.

  • How much: $50.
  • Where: Amazon.
  • Buy for: The home bartender who wants all their tools in one and make drinks at other’s homes, too. And they like pretty colors.
  • Buy because: it’s a product that combines all the essential bar tools into one.

Royal Rose Syrups. Natural and delicious simple syrups for cocktails, drinks, and desserts.

  • How much:¬†start at $11.
  • Where: Williams Sonoma or online.
  • Buy for: the home bartender who wants quality ingredients for simple cocktails that lots of people will enjoy.
  • Buy because: they are tasty products that can ease the stress of home bartending.

Sea Stones. Freezable 1 1/4″ rough-cut granite cubes in a wooden¬†presentation¬†tray. Set of 6.

  • How much:¬†$35, including the custom tray.
  • Where: Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and online.
  • Buy for: the whiskey connoisseur who likes their drink neat, cool, and not watered down.
  • Buy because: the presentation of the wooden serving tray is classy. Set this out on the table after dinner with whiskey glasses and people will ooh and ahh. No two are alike – they vary slightly in size and shape and vary in color from browns to greys to whites.

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