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Podcast 88- ​​GLUTEN FREE:​ Grappa​ del Piemonte and Deep Dive

simple cocktails with freinds

We mock Tirzah’s condition, Natasha loves whiskey. Christina Hendricks. About Italy. we drink Grappa del Piemonte. “I’d rather give a pint of blood.” Cigar knowledge? Santa Fe Spirits Silver Coyote. “She’s got a hard life.” Corporate speak. We make a Deep Dive cocktail. Babysitting payment in liquor and donuts.

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Podcast 87- ​​GLUTEN FREE: Bailoni and Hola Harvey

hola harvey wallbanger

Tirzah give us the low-down on gluten free drinking whilst Greg tries not to kill her. Drinking pastors? Greg’s gluten quiz! New Mexico IPAs are the best. We taste Bailoni Apricot liqueur and eau de vie. Is yeast bad? “I have an app that can help us with that.” We make a Hola Harvey for Cinco de Mayo, a “real drinking holiday.” Natasha was wearing cowboy boots…dancing on the bar? Oralé Harvey.

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