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Agwa de Bolivia

agwa de bolivia cockail

You may have seen this electric green liqueur on the shelves at your local liquor store: Agwa de Bolivia. AGWA is a coca leaf liqueur, y’know coca, like cocaine? AGWA capitalizes on the fact that it’s got coca in it, that it’s distilled in Amsterdam, and it’s just so eye-catching. But legitimately, it’s a decent herbal liqueur, and while herbal liqueurs can range pretty broadly from Jagermeiser to Zwack to Fernet Branca, AGWA is unique from these three in that it’s flavor is balanced and cool, and it’s not so syrupy or abrasive.

AGWA’s pretty easy to mix into cocktails and most people I know who tried it liked it (unlike Fernet or Jager). Here’s a really simple, refreshing cocktail with Agwa de Bolivia, an AGWA and Soda:

Agwa Fresca

  • in a glass full of ice, add:
  • 1 1/2 oz Agwa de Bolivia
  • top with club soda