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Mercy is a “hangover prevention drink” that comes in a little 8.4 oz can (like Red Bull) and it is meant to be consumed either as a cocktail mixer, while you are enjoying several cocktails, or after you’ve had several cocktails. The internet is peppered with people testing the effectiveness of Mercy – some praise it, while others felt it didn’t help. Because you can read lots of different opinions all over the web, and because I didn’t want to get drunk to “test” this stuff, I’m taking a different approach.

In the FAQ section at drinkmercy.com, I found that Mercy can help prevent “Alcohol flush,” which some of my friends get and I can rarely make them cocktails as a result. I made a little “Mercy Kit” with G’Vine Gin, Mercy, and a lime, and I asked my friend Kevin to try it out. He told me “my alcohol intolerance symptoms involve a) being miserable when I drink because my sinuses get super plugged and b) a crazy hangover. After drinking this elixir, I still suffered the sinus craziness but have no hangover. It’s worth it.”

mercy pack

Mercy is a potentially helpful companion to alcohol in several ways: it can prevent alcohol flush, it can protect your liver (it contains milk thistle), it can amp up your immune system, and it can potentially prevent illness the next day. It’s a practical drink, so the fact that it has a very pronounced vitamin flavor is pretty much irrelevant. Mercy is available in New York and Miami, or you can order direct online.