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What we cover on our site and podcast:

  • Tastings and reviews of distilled spirits.
  • Curation, creation and photography of cocktails.
  • Reviews and recommendations of home bar accessories.
  • Useful information and helpful opinions for home bartenders.
  • Coverage and participation of cocktail conferences and events.
  • Bar visits and reviews.
  • Home bartender gift ideas, often for Christmas or Father’s Day.

What we don’t cover:

  • Wine and beer, though sometimes we use them in cocktails (beer / wine).
  • Food, unless it is related to cocktails (bourbon marshmallows or cocktail cherries, for instance).
  • Made-up drinking holidays like “National Vodka Day” or “National Mojito Day.” We sometimes make cocktails for historical drinking days like Cinco de Mayo, St Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s though.
  • Cocktail menu releases or cocktail recipes at specific restaurants or bars.
  • Industry news and corporate personnel changes.

When shipping alcohol, please send full-sized, retail-labeled bottles by FedEx (preferred) or UPS. Because we take all of our own photographs at Simple Cocktails (no bottle shots), and because we also do tastings, cocktails, and podcast segments with your product, we need to ensure we have enough product.

Samples can be sent for review consideration to:

Greg Mays
6704 Silkwood NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121

Email: greg (at)