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Back to School Gift Ideas

back to school cocktail accessories

Well, that sad time of the year has returned: back to school time. Here are some booze-related gift ideas for the favorite professors in your life:

Buy a Community College ProfessorPorcelain Party Cup – $10. This is not New England. You do things humbly around here and you’re proud to say your favorite cocktail ingredient is Mountain Dew. Amazon link.

Buy a Seminary ProfessorFlask Disguised as a Book – $17. While Jesus was a wine man, some of your colleges haven’t developed the taste for fine Bourbon that you have. It’s best to keep this tipple on the bookshelf, particularly for sharing with likeminded individuals. Amazon link.

Buy an Ivy League ProfessorFlask Tie – $25. You spend your time in important meetings and talking about important things. You’re a bestselling author and known for your academic prowess. You drink expensive Scotch, so it’s helpful to have some on you at all times. The flask tie holds a good volume of liquor (8 oz) in the front while concealing a Camelbak-style sip nozzle in the back for drinks on the run. Amazon link.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day is coming up! As a father myself, I think the best rules of thumb are: know what dad likes, and get something creative and interesting. How about Scotch, cigars, coffee, and sweets for a start? If you caught my segment about this on The Morning Brew, welcome!


Scotch. A bottle of booze for dad! If he’s not a Scotch guy, try a rye or Tennessee whiskey. Suggestions: Dewar’s Highlander Honey, Speyburn, or Balblair.

  • How much: starting at about $20 for blended Scotch. Single malts will be more like $70.
  • Where: your favorite local liquor store.
  • Buy for: the dad who loves a tasty glass of whisky.
  • Buy because: dad will appreciate the addition to his home bar.

cigars for father's day

Cigars. If dad’s a smoker, you can’t go wrong at your local cigar shop. In fact, there are so many options you may have a tough time deciding what to get him. Consider things like: a multi-pack of cigars, a torch lighter, a cutter, a leather case, a beefy ashtray, or a classy humidor. And these will go well with the bottle of Scotch you buy him, too.

  • How much: $15 and up. A quality humidor will run $125+.
  • Where: your favorite local cigar joint. I got everything above from Monte’s in Albuquerque.
  • Buy for: the guy who loves a good Summer smoke on the porch.
  • Buy because: cigars send a nice message: relax and enjoy yourself, dad.

le creuset coffee set

Le Creuset Coffee Set. If dad loves coffee, get him a set like this one, which includes ceramic mugs, a French press, and a coffee storage container. Available in manly gray (pictured), red, blue, or Le Creuset orange.

  • How much: $125.
  • Where: entire set online at Le Creuset or buy individual pieces from Amazon.
  • Buy for: the dad who loves good, strong coffee in the morning.
  • Buy because: your dad is picky about his coffee.

bourbon marshmallows

Bourbon Marshmallows. If dad’s favorite vice is sugar, order a few boxes of 1″x1″ snacking marshmallows from Wondermade, who’s Father’s Day gift set includes boxes of bourbon (made with Maker’s Mark), coffee, Guinness, and maple bacon ‘mallows. These’ll pair great with the coffee he makes in that French press!

  • How much: $7.50 per box.
  • Where: online.
  • Buy for: the dad with a sweet tooth.
  • Buy because: the thought of eating Guinness marshmallows will put a huge smile on your dad’s face. If you’re looking for creative and interesting, this is the gift to buy.


Home Bartender Christmas Gifts 2012

Home Bartender Christmas Gifts

December is here! It’s time to get your home bartender some gifts for a very Merry Christmas, so here are some gift ideas for the simple cocktail maker in your life:

Whiskey Disks. Large (1 3/4″ wide x 3/4″ high) freezable soapstones in a canvas freezer bag. Set of 4.

  • How much: $30.
  • Where: Amazon.
  • Buy for: the whiskey connoisseur who likes their drink neat, cool, and not watered down.
  • Buy because: these guys are actually stonemasons and they make a great product. The disks are large, smooth, uniform, and dishwasher safe.

The NEAT Glass. “Naturally engineered aroma technology” allows you to taste the full flavor of a liquor without the alcohol vapors in your nose.

  • How much: start at $19.
  • Where: Amazon.
  • Buy for: the booze aficionado with a great palate who likes to taste the subtleties of their alcohol.
  • Buy because: it’s a unique product with a lot of smart science behind it.

Bar10der. A 10-in-1 folding and portable bar tool for cocktails, beer, and wine. Like a Swiss Army knife with a strainer, stirrer, jigger, muddler, reamer, knife, channel knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, and zester.

  • How much: $50.
  • Where: Amazon.
  • Buy for: The home bartender who wants all their tools in one and make drinks at other’s homes, too. And they like pretty colors.
  • Buy because: it’s a product that combines all the essential bar tools into one.

Royal Rose Syrups. Natural and delicious simple syrups for cocktails, drinks, and desserts.

  • How much: start at $11.
  • Where: Williams Sonoma or online.
  • Buy for: the home bartender who wants quality ingredients for simple cocktails that lots of people will enjoy.
  • Buy because: they are tasty products that can ease the stress of home bartending.

Sea Stones. Freezable 1 1/4″ rough-cut granite cubes in a wooden presentation tray. Set of 6.

  • How much: $35, including the custom tray.
  • Where: Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and online.
  • Buy for: the whiskey connoisseur who likes their drink neat, cool, and not watered down.
  • Buy because: the presentation of the wooden serving tray is classy. Set this out on the table after dinner with whiskey glasses and people will ooh and ahh. No two are alike – they vary slightly in size and shape and vary in color from browns to greys to whites.