Podcast 60- Clockwork Orange and J.R.’s Revenge

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Diner en Blanc Albuquerque: “the mayor WAS there….or at least we saw the pictures,” it all comes out the sweat-pores, and here’s some Instagram pics, we taste New Holland Clockwork Orange. “Can you make me a cocktail involving milk?” We make the J.R.’s Revenge cocktail. Who did shoot J.R.? “Let’s do ‘I Dream of Jeanie Next’.” Mistresses will kill you.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 60- Clockwork Orange and J.R.’s Revenge

  1. Tim Ihde

    Mmmmm, no, that was Malcolm McDowell not Roddy McDowell. Roddy plays monkeys, Malcolm plays psychopaths. And Malcolm killed James T Kirk, so he has that going for him 🙂

    BTW I don’t remember if you mentioned it in this episode or another one nearby (I binge listen to your podcast), but I just bought a copy of Bourbon Curious. Good stuff.


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