Simple Cocktails Podcast Episode 3

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We finish a bottle of rum, then discuss how rum bottles impress us. Riding up Guatemalan mountains on llamas. Zacapa 23 is a rum for whiskey lovers, maybe a good one to sip when smoking a cigar? Legos in the mint, but Lisa finally gets to use a muddler. Laughing in the face of the Limepocalype, Lisa makes a “gin mojito,” otherwise known as a Southside Fizz

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2 thoughts on “Simple Cocktails Podcast Episode 3

  1. neighbortim

    I’m somewhat late to this party, but thought you’d like to know that this enspired me to make Southsides for some friends at a BBQ, and it was a big hit. (I didn’t have soda handy, so I skipped the fizz part). This is a pretty good introduction to gin for the Juniper-phobes!

    1. greg Post author

      YEAH – that’s great to hear! I’m excited to hear they were a hit Tim, it’s a great idea to sneak gin into “familiar” cocktails like that.


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