Trader Joe’s Single Malt Irish Whiskey

trader joe's single malt irish whiskey

I’m not much of a whiskey guy.  Every time I tried Jack Daniels, I shivered at the taste. My friend is a Jameson fan, and I discovered that Irish whiskey has the smoothness I couldn’t find in its Tennessee brother.  I found a bottle of Single Malt Irish Whiskey at Trader Joe’s (their house brand) to try out for $20.  Jameson was $30 at Trader’s, but I know you can find it for $20 too if you shop around enough.

It’s good – definitely as good as Jameson – on my tongue.  There’s some bite, but it’s very smooth, and there’s a great citrus nose (fancy drinking word) and aftertaste.  I bought this as a “sippin’ whiskey,” so I haven’t bothered to mix it in a cocktail, though I’m likely to try and Old Fashioned and a Manhattan soon.

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